Sunday, June 8, 2008

Joureny to Parvati Pass

Sunday June 8th 2008

The plan for a trek in Himalaya started almost 6 months back. The old group of trekkers (I, charan and Pramod) started to discuss on this. Vijay was missing in this group and he was getting screwed in US after he moved to US. So we were missing him as he was the front runner in the last trek to Himalaya (Kalindi pass trek). First we decided to do a trek in Sikkim and I started to inquire about the possible trek trails and decided on going to Goecha La trek. I spoke to the guide in Sikkim about the trek and possible dates. The dates were decided as May. But Charan has reservations on this. During this period, we were told that there would not be much snow in the pass. So, we dropped this trek plan. Charan sent some trek links in Himachal. Then we selected Pin Parvati pass and contacted Mangat Ram who is the guide and regular to Parvati pass. Charan roped in 4 more people to the group. (Sesha, Ananth, Chetan, Vijay Jagan) Initially I decided the dates to be early June. But this time most of the people had reservations on this date as Pramod and Chetan were concerned about the snow in the Pass. Chetan mailed to some yahoo groups to get a second thought on the dates. The results were not encouraging to do the trek in June. Most people advised us to start the trek in July as the pass would not have been cleared during June and if we do this trek in June, it would be like doing an expedition. Finally we agreed to postpone the dates to end of June (June 28th). I communicated the same to Mangat Ram and finally we booked the tickets from Bangalore to Delhi by air and from Delhi to Manali by Bus. This we did in early May.
But we had our first jhatka from Chetan last week. Chetan's marriage was fixed and the dates were same as our trek plan dates and he asked the possibility of moving the dates to earlier dates in June. But as everybody had planned for the June end and tickets were booked, it was very difficult to move the dates again. Chetan decided to go out of the trek.

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